HVAC Electrical Air Duct Heaters

Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning,  (HVAC) systems control temperature, humidity, and quality of air in a building, aim to provide thermal comfort and indoor comfort.

Electrical air duct heaters are selected based on the desired heating element and dimensions/features in combination with maximum air flow, operating temperature and heating capacity.

Air Duct heaters designed for use in ovens, autoclaves and other industrial forced air systems for drying, baking or heat treating. Finned Tubular Heaters are utilized in the construction, assembled to a rugged metal terminal housing with integral mounting flange for installation into air duct. Over-temperature thermostats are included.

Available in many configurations including units with terminal housing and units with thermostat control complete with SCR control panel.

Electroheat offers various types of electrical Air duct heaters which are tubular or finned tubular heating elements that are either flanged or inserted in the duct. Our Air duct heaters are made up of stainless steel heating elements or sometimes finned heating elements mounted on a galvanized or stainless steel plate.

Electroheat offers a variety of custom built air duct heaters to suit every application and industry.With our highly-customized flexible heaters products and elements, we can help to design a more reliable solution specifically to meet your specific requirements.

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