Temperature Sensors

Thermocouple Type available: K, T, J, R, S, B and RTD.

When you have a technical problem or question about thermocouples, RTDs, or temperature measurement, give Electroheat a call. You’ll speak with an experienced technician with a wide knowledge of the field. In addition to a complete line of Electroheat brand temperature sensors, we build more “specials” and service a greater variety of industries than most any thermocouple manufacturer. In fact, chances are excellent we have already solved a problem similar to tours. We’ll be happy to tell you about our experience and discuss possible solutions without obligation.

You can depend on Electroheat brand temperature sensors to provide the temperature measurement and control solutions you need.

Electroheat thermocouples and thermocouple wire meet accuracy standards as defined by the many technical societies and manufacturers.

Selected grade thermocouple wire can be supplied in instances where special or standard grade material does not provide the accuracy needed at specific temperatures. The availability of this grade depends on your specific requirements and stock levels.

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