Strip Heaters

Electroheat Strip Heaters are simple to install, readily controlled and provide an even spread of low intensity heat hence their versatility in solid, liquid and air heating. This rugged stainless-steel strip heaters can apply to indirect “Through Wall” Heating such as melting solids, improving flow of viscous or hygroscopic materials, heating temperature sensitive and corrosive substances (waxes, asphalt, tallow, greases, resins, paint, acids, fly-ash, etc) by transmitting heat through the container wall. As well as clamping to regular shaped vats, tanks, and large pipes, they also fix readily to difficult conical surfaces, sides of dust and sand hoppers, around grease kettles outlets, filter bodies etc. This strip heater can also used for contact heating and pre-heating of solids such as patents, dies, castings, sealing bars, thermo-forming machines, hotplates, etc.

These heaters can be customized to size, voltages and wattages to suit your requirements.

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